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Website development Read more!Close

We will develop the webpage for your company and will provide hosting if must, thus offering everything you need for your company's full presence on the Internet. Website development consists of several stages:

  • Meeting and identifying expectations
  • Domain name registration
  • Website project
  • Website design and logo design
  • Website programming
  • Instruction in website administration
  • Placing information on the website
  • Website publishing and hosting

Some of these steps may come off, for example, if you already have a registered domain name or logo etc. During the meeting, based on your needs and requirements site requirements are specified - if the next lettered sections will require, for example, a photo gallery, contact form, frequently asked questions section, products and services directory and so on.

Since we offer professional design development and website hosting service, then after entering into development agreements with us, you will get a fully functional and running  website without any need to seek for additional services.

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Ticketing system Read more!Close

We offer a complete solution for ticket selling to entertainment, etc. event organizers. Our developed ticketing system has the following advantages:

  • able to use in both selling at the cash desk and in the internet;
  • suitable to heavy loads due to server clastering;
  • unlimited potential to variate ticket prices;
  • provides an unique barcode generation on tickets;
  • unlimited opportunities to develop the hall plans.

The system in action can be seen in the ticket service home page, which provides ticket sells to organizers, to whom it's not profitable to maintain their own trading system.

Business card websites Read more!Close

Business card type website is suitable for small businesses, one particular product or individual wishing to provide information about themselves to a wider audience. This kind of web site usually contains a small amount of information but is different with appealing and attractive design, as well as interesting technological solutions. Business card type website's establishment includes the following steps:

  • Meeting with the customer to identify needs and wishes.
  • Creating an image and design concept.
  • Web site development.
  • Placing an information on the website.
  • Preparing the website for publication.
Internet shops and portals Read more!Close

We have a long and rich experience in e-commerce, developing project such as the internet library, music store, ticket service etc. If You are planning a large-scale business on the internet, our specialists will recommend the most appropriate technical, design and marketing solutions according to predictable audience and server load. Development consists of the following stages:

  • Meeting with the customer to identify needs and wishes.The choice of the most appropriate technical solution.
  • Developing site structure.
  • Creating an image and design concept.
  • Web site development.
  • Testing the site
  • Transmitting for publishing
  • Site administration training
Internet libraries & databases Read more!Close

We have extensive experience working with electronic documents and other files, such as music and video file storage in secure database, while providing access to customers – free of charge or for a fee. Among our projects as well is the internet library, as the music store This type of sites have specific requirements – a detailed file directory, the ability to search in the database, including using the advanced search and applying the result filtering. These sites require the ability to add, edit, update and delete existing database files and information. An extremely important factor in building the database - type site, is the security, stability and the settlement options.

Our experts, who have years of experience in e-commerce, can offer appropriate solutions   to the above questions and ensure the necessities that are relevant to any site, not just the database: a modern and suitable design to the product or service, handy structure of the site for customer, etc.

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Custom social networking design Read more!Close

We create unique corporate pages and skins for social networking sites, providing the uniqueness and relevance of corporative style. In 2011 our made social game's Treasure Hunter page at entered the top ten most popular pages, with the 1st place in the terms of audience volume.

Web application development Read more!Close

We create application sites and applications themselves as well using HTML as Flash technologies, with ability to exercise any complexity of projects, including social games. Application page and application itself usage in marketing provides including of interactive game elements in the promotional activities to attract more potential customers to the product. We offer partial or complete application site development, which includes:

  • Planning applications and developing the project.
  • The technical development.
  • Development of application design and page design.
  • Social marketing to ensure the popularity of page.
Internet promotions Read more!Close

We are company with 10 years of experience in information technology and e-commerce, which is why our specialists are ready to design and implement professional internet marketing activities, including social networks: from single interactive Flash banners and pages as Happy Easter! or 10+ to the major social campaign as September 1st. We are providing complete development, including:

  • The planning of promotion.
  • Promotion site development.
  • Site design creation.
  • Supporting social marketing.
Logo design Read more!Close

Logo creates the first impression of the company or its products, so professional, modern, and suitable logo pays a key role in business development. We offer to modernize an old or to develop a new high-quality logo that meets all modern standards and the latest industry trends. Logo design consists of the following steps:

  • Meeting with the client to identify needs and wishes.
  • Industry trends research in Latvia and abroad.
  • Client strengths identification.
  • Customer's public image creation.
  • Logo design.

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Web page design Read more!Close

We offer to create the web site structure and design, according to the latest trends, which makes the site suitable to a modern functional requirements and design guidelines: intuitively understandable sites using principles, interactivity and linking to social networks, transparency and discard of any excess. The design we have developed consists of both Home (the first view) and numerous additional openings according to customers needs. In developing designs, next to the aesthetic impression, we particularly pay attention if:

  • the page matches the client's image;
  • the page meets the industry and its trends;
  • the page is easy to use;
  • the page is emphasizing the client strengths.

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Internet payment system Read more!Close

We are the first internet payment service provider in Latvia, providing both premium rate text messages (SMS) and internet bank (Swedbank, SEB, etc.) and payment card settlement of all payment cards issued in Latvia and foreign issued Maestro, Visa Electron, Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit cards.

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Social marketing services Read more!Close

Our specialist can ensure your marketing efforts on social networks –, and Twitter, including:

  • Create a plan of activities.
  • Figure out the content of posts.
  • Do regular posts.
  • Respond to customer questions.